Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Live and Study in Kyrgyzstan

Courses on Kyrgyz and Russian languages

The Department for International Education offers language courses for local and international students. We employ professional teachers and provide visas for our students and teachers from other countries.

“HOW TO TAKE YOUR COURSES?” – You need to obtain a student visa to Kyrgyzstan and pay tuitions.

“HOW TO REGISTER IN YOUR COURSES?” – If you are in Kyrgyzstan, you can visit our office, which is located on the 1st floor of the 5th block of the University, or call 0312-660812, or email:

“WHEN THE COURSES START?” – Our courses start with September. However, you must start communicating about visa issues as earlier as possible.

“HOW MUCH IS A COURSE?” – Depending on the length of the courses around $600-$700.

“DO YOU HAVE YOUR WEBSITE?” – Yes, please find us at

“WHERE CAN I SEND MY COMPLAINS OR REPORTS?” – We will appreciate your (anonymous) reports at

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